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Our Services

We are professional engineering consultants.  Most of our projects consist of small scale structural engineering applications.  It is our bread and butter.  For those projects that require design, review, and/or specifications by a licensed PE, we are here to help.  See our "What We Do" page for additional information on typical projects and our "Licenses" page for where we can work.


Integrity. Quality. Expertise

Integrity.  As licensed engineers, we are responsible for the safety of the public and doing what is right for our customers.  We would rather lose money on a job than cut corners at the risk of the public, our customers, and our firm.

Quality.  Providing quality work is how we make sure the job gets done right.  If we know the solution in our heads, but can't provide a quality product, then the outcome will be poor.  Accordingly, we must exercise quality work, every time.

Expertise.  We only operate within the realm of our expertise and ability.  While we are always looking for new projects, we will never take on a project that is beyond our ability to provide good work for our customer.  Some companies will say they can do any project, even when they lack the expertise.  Not us. 


Qualified Professionals

Our engineers and designers hold all of the necessary licenses, education, and experience that is required to work as a qualified professional within their respective fields.  We follow the rules, regulations, and requirements of the state engineering boards.

All engineering, design, and drafting is completed within the United States of America.  No design work is outsourced.  All work is completed under the direct supervision of a licensed professional engineer.

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