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Ground-Up Structures

Small Commercial Buildings

Whether it is wood, steel, concrete, and/or masonry,  we can help provide economic designs that will go smoothly through the permitting process.  We are happy work flexibly with customers plans and schedules in order to provide complete structural drawings and calculations that help the customer achieve their wants and needs.


We aid home designers and contractors with providing complete structural engineering for custom homes.  Custom homes often have requirements that go beyond the prescriptive methods of the International Residential Code.  If you are unsure whether you need engineering or partial engineering for a new home, please give us a call!


Telecommunications & Solar


Whether you need help with stealth concealment, towers & mounts, small cell, or any other telecommunication application, we can help come up with a solution.  The deliverables we provide have been repeatedly noted by customers and contractors as providing more direction than other consultants.  


Canopies, building rooftops, solar trackers.  We can help you with your solar applications.​


Remodels & TI's

Do you need help with a remodel, tenant improvement, roof evaluation, or other commercial/residential work?  We carefully review local code requirements and deliver engineering calculations and plans that will ensure a smooth permit process and provide clear direction for construction.

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